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We bring financial services closer
to the unbanked and underbanked.

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About Us

At KPOLOM we believe people should not have to bother about opening hours, queues or visiting bank branches in person for depositing, withdrawing or transferring money.

We are passionate about delivering financial services to the unbanked and underbanked, through our platform of agents located all over Rivers State in Nigeria.

We believe that by giving people access to financial services, we can help them build a better life for themselves at the lowest cost possible.

We have come up with smart ways to enable our customers manage their everyday finances, save for tomorrow, and increase their financial potential.

what we do

Agent Banking

We set up and manage cash points to bring financial services closer to the unbanked and underbanked segments of the population.
This empowers them to carry out banking services such as depositing into their bank accounts, withdrawing cash, paying utility bills and opening bank accounts within not more than 200 metres walk from their homes or places of work.

Saver's Scheme

Whether you call it Ajo, Adashe, Akawo, Esusu, or something else, let us help you save a portion of your income either daily,weekly or monthly from as low as N100.
With SMS alerts per deposit, insurance for your savings to avoid stories that touch and a financial target set by you, let us assist you to pay your rent, school fees, build your capital or any other financial goal you are trying to accomplish.

The Collector

The KPOLOM Collector is a free-to-use online donation tool that lets you set up your own collection page in minutes, which you can use to raise donations as an act of kindness on behalf of people or occasions you care about.
Collections created can be shared with friends and family via social media to create more awareness concerning that cause.

Event Ticketing

Almost 80% of tickets sold for outdoor events are sold at the venue and card payments are the preferred medium.
We provide POS machines to event planners to enable them process these card payments on the day of their event making event booking easier for organizers while improving the user experience for attendees.

Our Savings

You can put aside a portion of your income either daily, weekly or monthly no matter how small via or saver’s scheme and cashout at anytime. Your wallet can be credited via bank transfer, card payments or from any of our agent banking centres.
Save a portion of your income daily, weekly or monthly from as low as N100
Check savings balance anytime
Set savings goal
Set your cashout date
SMS alerts for transactions
Start saving at no cost
Cashout at anytime
No collection card required

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Our Contributions

You can join or create a contribution and let us help you manage the collections and payment process without stress. Your wallet can be credited via bank transfer, card payments or from any of our agent banking centres.

Create Or Join Rounds
Create and join contribution rounds with friends and family.

Weekly or monthly contributions
Create weekly or monthly contributions.

Keep track of payments
Keeps track of who has paid and who has not.

Set collection date
Set collection date for each participant.

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Our Fees

KPOLOM is set up with “service” as its most important objective, not profit. To help cover cost of administration,network infrastructure,insurance,employee salaries and overheads,KPOLOM charges a small fee of 3 percent(3%) of the financial goal set by you for savings for e.g if your savers target is ₦20,000 our charge is ₦600 only.

For a contribution transaction, we charge 2 percent(2%) of the total sum each participant is to receive per round, for e.g if a participant is to receive ₦100,000 at the end of a round,our charge would be ₦2,000 only.
It is important to note that creating a KPOLOM account is completely free of charge. You shouldn’t have to pay any fees when nothing has been done.

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