Raise funds to support people & events you care about.

We help you raise collections on behalf of people or occasions you care deeply for.Show kindness.

About Us

The KPOLOM Collector is a free-to-use online donation tool that lets you set up your own collection page in minutes, which you can use to raise donations as an act of kindness on behalf of people or occasions you care about. Collections created can be shared with friends and family via social media to create more awareness concerning that cause.

Funds collected will go directly to the beneficiary account stated at the expiration of the collection.We are simply the bridge between individuals seeking to support their community, neighborhood or an event and donors willing to assist them.

How it works

1.Create Collection
  • Add a title as the purpose of collection.
  • Select a collection category.
  • Add a photo that showcases the person or event.
  • Set your financial goal.
2.Share with friends
  • Share via Facebook,Twitter and Whatsapp.
  • Share via email.
  • Share with family and your community.
3.Manage Donations.
  • Accept donations.
  • Reachout and thank donors.
  • Withdraw funds at the expiration or end of the collection.


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